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Dear Friend, Have you ever wanted to lose weight, tone up your muscles, learn a martial art and be able to defend yourself whilst feeling a higher level of self confidence? I have helped many people achieve their dreams of learning Kickboxing as a martial art and have devoted my life to teaching and helping people with their goals. Get the body you want! Kickboxing is one of the most effective weight loss programs going, A mixture of fun aerobic exercise and intense interval training makes it the perfect workout to help you melt away the pounds whilst kicking away all the tension after a stressful day. What's more, it's great fun and making friends whilst you workout out is something all of our students experience at Leicester Kickboxing Club. Claim your life back - Self defense and confidence The streets have become more and more unsafe and now, more than ever, it is important to know Come along to Leicester Kickboxing, A premier Martial Arts club in Leicester with friendly staff, a safe and pleasant environment and Leicester's only full time, fully equipped Kickboxing and Fitness gym