Muay Thai Boxing


Muay Thai 


Muay Thai (Pronounced Moy Thai) is the ancient Thai martial art which is also known as the science of 8 limbs. It is called so because it incorporates both hands, legs, knees and elbows as striking tools. It was originally taught in the Buddhist temples, this martial art was practiced by all soldiers, and is believed to be the main reason why Thailand was never colonized.  It is the common thread that runs through Thai culture.  It has always been featured in every Thai festival, from local fairs to royal celebrations.  Highly skilled fighters were invited to live in the Royal Palace, and were esteemed among the nobility.

Fighters traditionally wear Prajied (band of cloth) around their upper arm, above the bicep, and a Mongkon around the head (which is taken off before the fight begins). Originally, these amulets were used in warring times when soldiers went on the battlefield.  At those times, they contained incantations and prayers within them to give the soldier great power and protection.  Presently, they are both believed to bring good luck, and are commonly blessed by monks.

Before a fight starts, the Wai Khru Ram Muay (paying respect to teachers) is performed to honor the fighter’s teachers, and all those that came before them.  One can decipher through the moves, which training camp or area the fighter comes from.  This ancient custom has been preserved through the centuries – it is performed before each and every fight, with no exceptions.

The traditional music is performed with 2 drums, small cymbals, and a wind instrument called a Pii Java, similar to an oboe.  The tempo is slower during the Ram Muay ritual, but then matches the tempo and energy of the action during the fight. 
Muay Thai is a very popular fighting system. The classes are slower paced than the Kickboxing classes and more emphasis is placed on power strikes.

The classes are taught by ex European Muay Thai champion, Danny Byrne and are taught in a safe and friendly manner.