Kickboxing is a dynamic sport and a relatively new martial art that started life in the mid 60's when Japanese boxing promoter, Osamu Noguchi, learned about the Thai martial art of Muay Thai. He invited some Muay Thai fighters to fight against some of Japan's top Karate fighters in a modified version of Muay Thai which is now known as "Japanese Kickboxing".

Not long after that, in America, Kickboxing rose to popularity as a hybrid combat art pitting Full contact karate fighters of the time in competitions held inside a boxing ring. The sport has developed since into the professional ring sport it is today incorporating various styles and rules under the umbrella term "Kickboxing"

At Leicester Kickboxing, you will have an opportunity to learn three of the main styles in a safe and relaxed atmosphere. These styles include:

Full Contact Kickboxing: Full contact kickboxing incorporates strikes using punches and kicks to the head and the body with no strikes allowed "Below the belt" apart from foot sweeps which must be delivered foot to foot.

Oriental/Japanese Rules Kickboxing or K-1 Rules Kickboxing: This essentially is the same as Full contact but allows kicks to the legs. K-1 Rules allow free floating knees too.

Muay Thai (Thai boxing): Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and an established martial art and fighting style incorporating Punches, Kicks, Knee strikes and Elbow Strikes. Muay Thai is steeped in tradition and history.

Whilst we teach full contact styles, please be aware that no one is made to spar and most of the training involves working on pads with a partner. If you decide that you'd like to compete then speak with one of the coaches who will assess you to see if you're ready for sparring.